Held at the Pine Near RV Park, just up the street from the Shafer Museum. We expect to have the food mostly ready around 5-6pm and then hang out all evening.

Many of us camp at the Pine Near, and we will mostly be back on the side with the teepees and the cabins on the hill, but you’ll find us scattered throughout. The main gathering area will be next to the hill under the cabins.

How does this work? Well, you just bring something to share, something to eat on and with, and join in. If you want to cook some meat, we’ll have at least several fires and grills going that you can use. There will be some extra brats and so forth too for those who can’t bring meat conveniently. There are picnic tables but you might want to bring a chair unless you’re fine with sitting on the grass. Maybe bring some firewood to keep the fires going.

NOTES FOR HEALTH: Everyone should bring their own chairs, utensils, cups, and serve ware. We will not be able to leave serving spoons out for everyone to touch. When handling potluck dishes, please use gloves and don’t touch anything you don’t have to, and wear a mask when near others or where food is stored. We will bring hand sanitizer and sprays, bring your own also and use them liberally! Touched a surface? Unsure of its cleanliness level? Spray that sucker down every time. Do not touch firetongs or other tools unless they are yours or sanitizing protocols are used every time. And wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

We don’t want to think too much about it, and neither should you. Hang out, relax, tell stories, play some music, work up some ideas for the next Steampunk project you want to build.

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