Speakeasy Afterparty

If you’re over 21 and still up for tomfoolery once we shut the Shindig down, swing over to the Copper Glance. They’ll be open just for us and their drinks are the best in town. There might be some more music happenings as well – find out for yourself!

The Gear Swap

Have extra gears, gadgets, steampunk clothing, odds and ends for bodgering or fabricating? Bring it to the Gear Swap at the Steampunk Rendezvous in Winthrop. Sell, trade, or what-have-you.

The Photoshoot at the Shafer Museum

This museum is a steampunk photographer’s dream. Acres of giant Victorian mining and farming machinery is right next to rebuilt frontier homes, rooms, and shops. While you can come up here anytime and get your own photos, we will have a professional ready to take group and individual pictures starting at 10 am. That should be enough time to grab breakfast and throw on some kind of interesting get-up. Just meet at the Shafer Museum …

Potluck BBQ

Held at the Pine Near RV Park, just up the street from the Shafer Museum. We expect to have the food mostly ready around 5-6pm and then hang out all evening. DUMPSTER JOE is going to hang with us and bring some great acoustic old-timey tunes around the campfire. Many of us camp at the Pine Near, and we will mostly be back on the side with the teepees and the cabins on the hill, …