What is the Steampunk Rendezvous About?

The main concept of this Steampunk event is this: Hang Out - Don't Stress Out. This entire event was born when some Steampunks wanted to get together and spend time getting to know each other more in a fun setting, and that will always be the point. Other themes have emerged naturally due to the setting.

The Rendezvous core theme and event goals:

  • Steampunk for Families
  • Steampunk Western - Wild Wild West - Cattlepunk
  • Steampunk Industrial - Old Mining Town
  • Steampunk Camping
  • Relaxation - Friendship Building
  • Collaboration on Steampunk Projects

Do you have to follow the Western theme if you want to participate? Of course not! It's just a fun excuse to loosely work on an idea with other Steampunks. You can represent any gaslamp fantasy, dreadpunk, decopunk, cogpunk, whateverpunk style you want at our event. Come solo or bring the kids - camp out or stay in one of the many wonderful hotels and B&Bs.

If digging into the particular vibe of Winthrop appeals to you, then feel free to investigate further, and come up with new ways to enhance everyone's experience - especially your own!

Our Rules

We don't have a lot of rules, and we don't have people enforcing them, but here's what we expect from participants:

  • Don't bring real firearms - prop firearms only.
  • Act like responsible guests of the Town of Winthrop. We want them to like us and continue to support our presence.
  • Support the local merchants and museum to the best of your ability. They are very nice to us.

And that's it!