More or less happening in the same time and place as the BBQ, people can set their wares or trades out on tables and blankets, or just open up the trunk, whatever suits them best. Here's where people can post pictures of some of the things they are bringing or just tell us how they want to go about trading or selling their goods.

More details on how to post or comment are here: Let's Talk Gear(s)

Clothing Tent at the Gear Swap - Steampunk Rendezvous

September 20, 2021

The Clothing Tent

There will be a 10×10 tent specifically for setting up clothing and accessories for sale. We have racks, a table, and just general protection from any random sprinkles during the event. Feel free to add your items to this tent on Saturday after 2pm, and just tag items so people can find you to pay or trade as you prefer.
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Here’s where we can post pictures of things we’re bringing, and let people know how to find us at the event. We know that not everyone wants to sit at a table for a couple of hours, so the options are limitless in the pursuit of ‘low stress, maximum fun.’ Want to keep it in your trunk and pull it out if people are interested? Going to put it out on a blanket at the