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This is the place where many of us like to camp together, and where we will hold the BBQ and Gear Swap.

The owners of the Pine Near RV Camp are super nice and will be happy to help you get a spot. We like to lay claim to the Miner Cabins and the RV spots below, though of course people also stay in other parts of the camp and in town. This lets us carve out a large area for the Gear Swap and the Potluck.

For 2021:
We HIGHLY recommend booking your spots right away – not that there won’t be something available at the last minute, but just to make sure you can get the exact spot you want, especially if you want one of the miner cabins. Let us know if you reserve a spot, and we will mark it as ‘reserved’. Also let us know if you try to get a spot and it’s not available, so we can gray it out on the map.

We added “Cabin #3” to the map because we saw them building it in August 2020 when we drove through. It should be available by Sept 2021, even if it might not be listed yet, so ask them and find out.

Space 29 will be reserved as an open area where people can bring their chairs and just hang out together. It’s also pretty much the location of the Gear Swap and the Potluck BBQ.

You can also reserve online.

All About Pine Near RV Park

Phone: 509-341-4062                                                                  316 Castle Ave (Also known as 350 Castle Ave)
Email:                                                Winthrop, WA 98862


The campground has teepees, cabins, tent spots, and plug-in RV spots. There are coin operated showers and laundry facilities, and very nice bathrooms. Firewood, ice, and laundry soap is for sale, but bringing your own is always a practical choice.

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  1. If you get a spot at the Campground, let us know where you are (if you are comfortable with that) so we can all find each other.

    Note: There are many wonderful places to stay in Winthrop besides the campground; we just liked the concept of hanging out together as a group as much as possible. Who knows… perhaps someday we’ll take over the whole place.

  2. For 2021: Patrick and I will have Space 30 again, and we have space 29 already reserved as the designated ‘open space’ hangout zone.

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