We’ve had some help getting the word out about the Steampunk Rendezvous, from directory sites and other groups. In no particular order (but thanks to all!) here there are:

The Steampunk Explorer – This is the best Steampunk magazine out there, online or off. Follow them for free or be extra cool and support them on Patreon – we do! They are a great directory for events, shops, locations, etc.

The Brass Screw Confederacy – An immersive, high-quality steampunk event in Port Townsend, held early every June. They have been so kind as to make promotional posts and otherwise talk us up. A lot of our participants also meet at that event – they’re perfect opposite bookends, with Port Townsend being high class city steampunk and Winthrop being wild west and labor/industrial/mining steampunk.

EventBrite – what would we do without these guys? Probably still one of the best directory sites to search for events. Our listing is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/steampunk-rendezvous-iii-tickets-74614218135

EventFind – An in-depth directory to find all sorts of events. Here’s our listing there: http://www.eventfind.info/events/steampunk-rendezvous-iii-127

Swkong.com – The Sun Wukong Directory. These guys are a directory for EVERYTHING. Sure, there are many directories out there and we will list ourselves anywhere we can, but these folks have an international reputation as not being fly-by-night.