Here’s where we can post pictures of things we’re bringing, and let people know how to find us at the event.

We know that not everyone wants to sit at a table for a couple of hours, so the options are limitless in the pursuit of ‘low stress, maximum fun.’

Want to keep it in your trunk and pull it out if people are interested? Going to put it out on a blanket at the BBQ? Let us know. Label your items as ‘for sale’ or ‘for trade’ to help folks know how to approach you about it. (Or both!).

Also, you don’t have to have your items shown here in order to bring them to the Gear Swap. This is just a handy place to build some hype and inform everyone about how to get their hands on the cool things, especially if you aren’t going to just bring it all out during the BBQ.

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    1. The site is run by me, Diana Peterson. Apologies for not getting right back to you, it’s been a nutty time.

      Edit to add: as far as the event itself, it’s always been designed to be a “non-con” where there are no fees, no busy schedules, nobody pinned to a Vendor’s Row all day long, no overworked staff unable to enjoy the event, etc. In other words, we do minimal work behind the scenes to get the word out and coordinate our outing, and then just enjoy hanging out together in Winthrop. The parts that require some organization are: 1) The website 2) Pushing gently to ensure the live music performing where we are going to hang out is Steampunk friendly 3) Reserving an extra spot at the RV park where we can meet 4) Bringing in a photographer that anyone can get some great shots with on Sunday 5) helping people spread the word about stuff they want to trade, sell, or give away.

      While we expect and love the idea of expanding over time, I think the core idea of not letting the event get too complicated so everyone can enjoy it will remain. If people have a fun idea while we’re there like a spontaneous parade on Saturday, bring it up and people will probably do it!

  1. I have a lot of clock movements and gears that I would like to sell. How does the selling part of this event work?

    1. That would be wonderful… you can post lists and pictures here, or just set up a table at the Gear Swap… or bring it out when people ask for it, anything that works for you. If you do have lists and pictures, I can share them to Facebook and Twitter. If you just want to announce that You Have This Stuff, I will help you spread the word!

  2. Hi Diana,
    Dawn and I would like to attend the rendezvous. At the Brass Screw Consortium you said you had a reservation for cabins. Is one of them still available? We look forward to seeing everyone there.

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