Speakeasy Afterparty

If you’re over 21 and still up for tomfoolery once we shut the Shindig down, swing over to the Copper Glance. They’ll be open just for us and their drinks are the best in town. There might be some more music happenings as well – find out for yourself!

Let’s Talk Gear(s)

Here’s where we can post pictures of things we’re bringing, and let people know how to find us at the event. We know that not everyone wants to sit at a table for a couple of hours, so the options are limitless in the pursuit of ‘low stress, maximum fun.’ Want to keep it in your trunk and pull it out if people are interested? Going to put it out on a blanket at the …

The Gear Swap

Have extra gears, gadgets, steampunk clothing, odds and ends for bodgering or fabricating? Bring it to the Gear Swap at the Steampunk Rendezvous in Winthrop. Sell, trade, or what-have-you.