Steampunk in a Wild West Town

Have you ever gone to a Steampunk event and thought, “That was awesome, I can’t wait to get some time to hang out with those cool people someday.”

This is that someday you’ve been waiting for!

The whole concept is for people who normally are dashing around on tight schedules at events, to get a chance to slow down, enjoy the environment, and get to know each other better. Friendships are forged here, and projects are planned – the Rendezvous can have far-reaching effects on your Steampunk life.

We keep the schedule very light so you can enjoy the wild-west town of Winthrop and each other’s company at your own pace, but there will be some fun things planned:

Join us the weekend of September 22-24, 2023, in Winthrop Washington for the Steampunk Rendezvous!

Stone & Sue and Dumpster Joe playing at Steampunk Rendezvous V in Winthrop, WA



Our lineup for the 2023 Friday Night Shindig is DUMPSTER JOE and STONE & SUE!

Dumpster Joe plays 1920s and 30s country blues, hillbilly and jazz tunes (also a few originals). The tunes they play were learned by listening fanatically to old 78 rpm records and reissues of 78s. They will totally rock your socks off and make you wanna slap your pappy down.

Stone & Sue play vernacular music of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as original songs. They are completely captivated by these old forgotten relics and strive to keep them alive by sharing them with the world in the most authentic way possible. In addition to playing music, they also collect the original 78rpm records of the artists they love so much, as well as clothing, magazines, photographs and many novelties of the era.